Reserve Ad Space in the Official LIPopCon 2015 Brochure!

Want to promote your organization at LIPopCon 2015 this year? Then reserve ad space in the Official LIPopCon 2015 Brochure today! By reserving ad space, you will have the opportunity to connect with approximately 200 librarians, educators, and other professionals on Long Island and in the New York tri-state area at the conference, as well as hundreds of other Long Island librarians via electronic promotion.

Complimentary ad space in the LIPopCon brochure (a $100 value) is also included when you register for a table at the conference (so long as ad space remains available in the brochure).

Pricing for Advertisements in Official LIPopCon 2015 Brochure:

$100 for a quarter page ad:
Each page is 8.5×11
Organizations will have to design their own ads to put in the brochure.

Those who purchase an ad will also be listed on the LIPopCon website and the brochure will also be uploaded onto the LIPopCon website as a PDF. The brochure will also be distributed electronically to Long Island librarians through various library listservs, including hundreds of librarians not able to attend the conference. Organizations who purchase ads will also be promoted on LIPopCon’s Facebook page.

Space is limited.

Please contact Barbara Grace at for more information or to reserve a table or an ad at the conference.

For more information about reserving table or ad space, please visit our Exhibitors Page.

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