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Online Registration for LIPopCon 2015 is Open until April 3!

Online Registration for LIPopCon 2015 is Open Until April 3!

Register for LIPopCon2015 HERE: http://www.nyla.org/max/events/lipopcon-2015/219/

Space is limited, so register while you can!

For more information about registration, please visit our Registration page at http://http://www.lipopcon.org/registration/.

The Long Island Libraries and Pop Culture Conference (LIPopCon) is a yearly conference that provides library professionals and library and information science students with the latest information about trends in pop culture. Covering everything from anime and manga to video games and movies to science fiction and fantasy to graphic novels and comic books, LIPopCon informs attendees of the latest in pop culture and how it affects libraries.

Programming Information
is available on our Programming page: http://www.lipopcon.org/programs/The keynote speaker is Raina Telgemeier, best-selling graphic novel author and artist of Sisters and Smile.

Other featured guests include:

  • Professional Wrestler and Hound Comics CEO Brimstone
  • N. C. Christopher Couch, author of The Will Eisner Companion: The Pioneering Spirit of the Father of the Graphic Novel, Will Eisner: A Retrospective, and Jerry Robinson: Ambassador of Comics
  • Tim Ferrara, co-creator and author of the webcomic Ode
  • St. John’s University Professor Caroline Fuchs, creator of the Discover New York Course, “Exploring New York Through Comics”
  • Sophie Goldstein, creator of the Ignatz Award winning comic The House of Women, Part 1
  • Walter Hillegas, member of the Empire Saber Guild, a Lucasfilm-recognized, not-for-profit performance and costuming fan organization
  • Jenny McKeon, artist for webcomic Eerie PD and creator of ABC: Anime Boston Confidential
  • Annie Stoll, co-creator and artist of the webcomic Ode
  • Clive Young, author of the book Homemade Hollywood: Fans Behind the Camera

For more information about featured guests, visit our Featured Guests page at http://www.lipopcon.org/featured-guests/.