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Webcomic Writer Alex Chautin Will Be a Speaker at LIPopCon 2015!

Webcomic Writer Alex Chautin will be a speaker at LIPopCon 2015!


Alex Chautin is the writer of the all-ages sci-fi adventure webcomic Eerie PD, as well as the creator of Gradually Yours and other autobiographical comics. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in English education and is a strong advocate for the use of graphic novels as a teaching and literacy tool. Alex has also written comic reviews for sites such as Kabooooom and Comic Vine.

To learn more about Eerie PD, please visit http://www.eeriepd.com/.

To read Alex Chautin’s reviews on Kabooooom, please visit http://kabooooom.com/author/alexchautin/.

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